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Note: This game is the English version of "Hokenya Yukarin".
There is no difference in the game content from the Japanese version.

We have released a sequel!

Note:Windows Defender was determined that the file in this work is a virus (Win32 / Wacatac.D8! Ml).
Therefore, I requested Microsoft to analyze it.
Subsequent Microsoft analysis proved that the work did not contain malicious software (see screenshot image).
If you are using Windows Defender, please update the definition file to the latest version before downloading this game.

One day, a young woman who sells insurance products to the main character appears.
She says, "If you buy an insurance product, I will do anything."
In response, the hero presented the conditions ...

how to play:
Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file to any folder and start "TZM3.exe" to start the game.
The game format is an adventure game that advances with a click.
When you need to select an option, a letter will be displayed on the screen, so click on that letter.

Doujin material with the painter who took care of me
Picture of H scene: Kaede Tachibana (https://www.pixiv.net/users/12746191)
H scene audio: Daphnia material (CV Fan Masaki) (https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=0product_id/RJ127274.html)
BGM: Hobby Studio Carrot Wine "Tasukete" (https://play.dlsite.com/#/work/RJ290671/tree/GRC)

Picture of H scene: Kaede Tachibana(立華楓様)(https://www.pixiv.net/users/12746191)
H scene audio: Daphnia material (CV Fan Masaki)(みじんこ素材(CV誠樹ふぁん)様)(https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ127274.html)
BGM:Hobby Studio Carrot Wine(趣味工房にんじんわいん様)『タスケテ』(https://play.dlsite.com/#/work/RJ290671/tree/GRC)

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Erotic, r18, voiceroid, yukari_yuduki
Average sessionA few seconds


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the art is great, the story is good, and i sense that this game was made wholeheartedly even if its this simple. I do enjoy it when i sensed that XD

As I got older, I couldn't play games with difficult rules, so I tried to keep it simple.
So, I'm very happy to receive high praise for making it simple, including the story and the game!

For the illustrations, I ordered another person to draw them.
One of the people I always ask when making games, so I'd like to continue making games together.
I look forward to working with you!


you are right about getting old part XD I'm still 21 so I still can play a bit hard~ so I was right then, you did plan this game wholeheartedly. I'm glad to know that really XD

by arts, I kinda have seen that art style, I will follow the artist you stated on the game detail XD I look forward to play the other games as well~ 

I am very happy that I was able to meet your expectations!
You are 21 years old, right? By the way, I am 39 years old.
I think it's refreshing to be able to talk to various people not only about the country but also about age.

If you hear that it has been well received from outside Japan, illustrators will surely be pleased.
I will continue to make games with him.
It takes time to get the picture drawn, but I would like to make a new game by the fall of this year.

Well, I'm going to sleep and go to work.
I will write replies to other games after I come back from work, so please be patient.


i didn't expect you to be 39 XD but surely I do think its refreshing as well ~

glad the illustrator will be pleased, send my greetings to him XD I will wait for your new games, and try a few I didn't tried yet by tomorrow!

also, don't worry about time, we don't have flexible time, so, take your time replying when you are free or so~

(1 edit)

Thank you for your concern.

I have reached this age without getting married.
At this age in this country today, and i am a non-driving the car person, so i will be difficult to get married.
So I will do what I like and live.

I'm about to enter the Golden Week holidays, so I'm thinking of requesting new illustrations by that time.
If you have any genre you like, we will refer to it when you request.


Windows says your exe file contains a virus.

(1 edit) (-1)

Isn't it a warning screen when executing the downloaded file?
You will be warned because it may contain a virus that Windows cannot tell.
However, this game was investigated with security software(ESET internet security), so please feel free to run it.
Of course, I am using security software that has been updated to the latest version.

If the security software you are using is falsely detected and you cannot play it, unfortunately there is nothing I can do.
Because I'm not an expert in security software.
However, the picture used for the game is in "tatihana.zip".
The path is written in "310.bmp" in the "bmp" folder.
try it.

(3 edits) (+1)

When trying to play it, Windows simply stops and refuses. It's not the "optional" warning that can be bypassed. 

Windows Defender has never flagged one of these games before, and I have played dozens of them.


Then, it looks like a false positive of security software.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have a way to solve this problem.

If possible, answer the following questions regarding this issue.
・ What kind of security software are you using("Windows Defender","ESET","Norton",etc...)?
・ What kind of virus does security software say was found?
Of course, answering is not obligatory.
However, if you know the above information, it will be a great help for future game production.
I will use this information to check the operation and make future games.
Even if the problem cannot be resolved, it will still be able to alert the viewer.


As I said - Windows Defender. It doesn't make an identification for me, it just refuses to let me execute the file. 

I must say I have never seen anything unzip, yet have a zipped folder remaining. Why your images are in a zip file within the game folder after unpacking, I can't say. Maybe that is the issue with Windows Defender.


I have now certainly confirmed that it is caused by "Windows  Defender".

If the error can be reproduced on my computer,i have Microsoft analyze it.
If you're in a hurry, change your Windows Defender settings and set an exception for the downloaded file.

Or maybe the ZIP file cannot be opened?
I had something similar case before, and I've solved it by putting my files on another server, can you give it a try?