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This game is in the process of producing images.

We will post a notification on the game page when images are added.

As of December 2022, there is a bug that prevents you from proceeding if you select the option "Escape from reality and play a naval battle game".

We plan to fix it by the next update.

In addition, since there are already plans to create other games, the update is scheduled for next spring.


Story 1

  Somewhere in Japan, there was a man who fulfilled his dream of becoming a teacher.

  The evil heart that grew up in him despaired by the harsh reality attacked his student

Story 2

  After the incident, the man decided to convert and live humblely, but the victim's mother became his colleague, and the evil heart awakened again.

  And the man attacks her and conceives her ...

Doujin material with the painter who took care of me

 Picture of H scene: Kaede Tachibana (https://www.pixiv.net/users/12746191)

 H scene voice: Phan Masaki (http://phan.itigo.jp/yuuki_000/)

 BGM: Hobby Studio Carrot Wine (https://carrotwine.booth.pm/)


The creator Din_PPP and related parties are not responsible for any damages incurred by using this game.

This work is fiction. It has nothing to do with real people or groups.

All the characters in this work are over 18 years old.

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TagsAdult, Dark, Eroge, Erotic, r18, voiceroid, yuduki_yukari
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the translation could be better but decent enough.  some part (like the job explanation from main story 2) can be a bit difficult to understand. simple story telling with feelings in it, i like how the songs plays role on giving me the feels while i read the text XD 

for insurance sale 1, the scary game sure spooked me haha. sound effect helped to spook me XD i enjoyed the special art too, especially the shaking.

insurance sale 2 is even better than 1! for the question, my answer is.. both actually is good. but i choose 2.

Long time no see! how have you been?

As for the current situation, the place I work for is facing an existential crisis due to large-scale fraud, and I may not be able to afford to make games here in the future.

But so far it's been fine.

I was relieved that the game I was working on seemed to be running without any problems.

Because There are many things that you can't know if the game will work correctly when you run it on another computer unless you actually play it.

I also recognize that it would be better to make the job description more concise if it is difficult to understand.

In any case, it will be next year when all the paintings I ordered will be completed, so I plan to fix other minor points by then.

I think it's hard to write a reply every time, so I would be happy if I could get a letter somewhere again.

Thank you for your continued support! ! !


yes, very long time indeed! well, ive been surviving study (online) and etc, but im fine XD hope thing is going well for yout

sorry to hear about the fraud :') is it fine to mention it here though?? this could be sensitive issue for your team

yup, the game runs smoothly XD 

i see, did you translate it by yourself, use google translate (or anything like that)? 

by somewhere, where exactly haha XD ameblo? 
my pleasure, all the best for the progress!

There is no problem with this point because the company has already announced the fraud to the outside.

However, I don't know the details because it's a problem in a department far away from me.

In any case, we are watching the trend to see what happens to the company that honestly confessed to the fraud.

For translation, we follow these steps:

1. First, I create sentences in Japanese and then use Google translation.

2. Next, re-translate the translated English into Japanese using Google Translate.

3, it will be translated wrong with high probability, so it will return to 1 until it is translated correctly.

I often hear that "Japanese people are not good at English", but this seems to be the same for the Google translation system.

This is because translating to Chinese or Malay from already translated into English is much easier than translating from Japanese to English.

Perhaps there is a problem with Japanese grammar or wording.

This is the ameblo I wrote before ↓


However, the above Ameblo has not been edited for many years, and now I occasionally edit the following pages.


His Twitter ID is @Din17485881.

Please take a look if you are interested.